2022 Meeting Schedule

All meetings commence at 6:00 pm.

Regular board meetings will be held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month, unless noted otherwise below:

*All meetings held in accordance with Indiana Governor Executive Orders regarding Continuity of Government Operations during the COVID-19 pandemic in effect at the time of the meeting. Meetings will be held by Zoom videoconference for as long as public meetings are allowed to be held remotely. When and if in-person meetings of public agencies are authorized, meetings will be held in person. The District may, in its discretion, elect to continue to offer participation by Zoom videoconference to members of the public even after in-person meetings re-commence.

If you are a member of the public that plans on attending our board meetings in person or online via Zoom please take a moment to read our procedure for public comment or questions here MFPD Procedure for Public Comment

Monroe Fire Protection District

About the Board


The Monroe Fire District Board of Trustees has specific powers and duties which are spelled out in I.C. 36-8-11-15 including the power to exercise general supervision of, and make regulations for the administration of the district’s affairs, and the capacity to sue and be sued.

It may levy taxes on real and personal properties in the district, and its annual budget is subject to review and approval by the County Council, County Board of Tax Adjustment and State Board of Tax Commissioners. It is a municipal corporation within the meaning of the Constitution of Indiana, and all general statutes. 


Indiana Code 36-8-11-12


Vicky Sorensen, Chair (Perry) - vsorensen@monroefd.org

Mark Kruzan, Vice-Chair (Bloomington) - mkruzan@monroefd.org

Ed Brown, Fiscal Officer (Clear Creek) - ebrown@monroefd.org

Michael Baker, Member (Washington) - mbaker@monroefd.org

Christina Courtright, Member (Indian Creek) - ccourtright@monroefd.org

Kevin Robling, Member (Benton) - krobling@monroefd.org

Daniel Vest, Member (Van Buren) - dvest@monroefd.org